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It was a difficult decision . That made me realize that I can make decisions that could change other people’s lives.  The decisions was to be me when the going was getting tough. when the turbulences in life took toll from the realistic expectations  and calmness.  This decision changed how I looked at things.  It made me realize that there are many options out there. hidden in a place so dark that only you can only find it ; by following the guiding light of your heart and soul . The decision of being me was a tough one. Specially when there are rivals who oppose to such things. Who believe that you are a person who needs to be kept under the carpet, without letting them come out of the same.

They got it wrong.  I made a decision.  I made a decision to be free of all the calamities, the disturbances of the outside , of the demented worlds and people that surround me from time to me.  I decided to be me for a change.

It has made me happy. More than ever I have been in my entire life.



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