Our lives are like rain drops. We occur in the most highest atmosphere. we start small, get bigger as we come down and finally, fall down to the ground with a heavy thud. Breaking into pieces of unknown quantities.

The catch is that the rain drop doesn’t know if it existed , it doesn’t know it is gone. We as humans also feel the same way sometimes, we don’t know if we actually lived and for certain, we don’t know when we are finally gone.

It is this funny phenomenon  that defines the world we live in.  We come as nobody’s and we go as nobody’s. Devoid of attachments, devoid of any feelings . We cry when we come and we cry when we go.  This reality is not understandable to many.

We are  like hackers who break into a temporary body, take maximum use of it and please it like we just don’t care. Knowing so well that we don’t take it all when we finally go.

We fail to understand that we are simply anonymous; tagged with a temporary identity and all the other materialistic jewels thrown upon ourselves which is simply worthless in the end.

We come anonymous, we go anonymous. So what is the fuss about living?  Why do we need to strive so much to live ? Are we to much attached to each other?   Why do we forget that the strings that bind us together will ultimately cut by the inevitable fate?  Why do we forget this simply logic of human , global civilization ?  the  state of  the universe?

It is all very confusing. And one might ask why such questions are asked at the first place. But it is the ultimate truth.  We don’t belong to anyone else. We don’t belong to even ourselves.

We are like raindrops, who fall from the atmosphere and fall with a thud to get buried underground.

We are simply, anonymous.




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