He, helpless..

Sometimes the mind plays games with you. It gobbles you up with guilt when you know, you are helpless and you cannot do anything to change the situation. Yet, the mind doesn’t seem to understand this. It keeps reminding you of something you didn’t do, like a cancer, it conquers your soul. It leaves your paralyzed; makes your whole life a hell ,  a world of internal memory bleeding. What do you do?  will tears help ? it does sometimes, but will it do it forever? How can you be strong when your own body lets you down?

The pain is endless, gut wrenching pain that shakes your bones to the core. Yet, you need to be strong. you cannot show your true pain and tears to the rest of the world. They simply doesn’t understand. A true friend will try to . but not everyone. They will laugh at you. heckle you with comments and jokes which will make your temper rise.

It is hard to be a man sometimes. it is hard to be human sometimes. Attachment is too strong to ignore. Love is something that needs to be given in return, if not you are total failure. What if you are helpless and cannot give it in return ? even if you want to ? what do you call such a man ?  a total failure ? an ungrateful soul?  a worthless piece of garbage who doesn’t practice gratitude? or even worse?  you can decide . The person who is in the receiving end will bear it all , bear all the names and stones thrown at them by everyone. Since he knows…

He cannot do anything. Simply nothing !!!  to change the situation.

Till then, he will live with the moron of a mind that controls him. Detoriating his soul  to fall from the highest precipice, to a place of dark and doom.




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