Facebook is now availabe in “Sinhala” Language

The popular social networking site Facebook , has rolled out sinhalese language support to its web  platform . This was rolled out during the past weekend and many Sri Lankans are excited about it.

This was a feature that was long overdue and now,all Sri Lankans can use Facebook in their native language and make their facebook connections and interactions even more productive and enjoyable ( I found the Facebook emotions in Sinhalese really interesting) . This article by readme.lk provides a very good introduction to this feature and helps you how to enable the feature in your account.

The feature is not available on the Facebook mobile apps just as yet. Hopefully, this will be also rolled out in the next versions of Facebook mobile apps for Android as well as IOS.

It will be exciting to see how Brands will utilize this new feature to promote their products and services through Facebook.  They have the advantage of interacting more closely with their target audience by using their native language. It also enable more local brands spreaded islandwide, without a higher brand identity to get on FB and promote their products and services to potential customes. The oppurtunities are truly endless.

Good one Facebook on enabling this feature. It is high time that other social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn etc. do the same.



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