Will Social Media Replace Traditional Media in the Future?

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Summary: As the popularity and usage of Social Media grows everyday, the question arise if it would replace Traditional Media such as television, radio and newspapers. This post tries to look for answers for that question and tries to predict what we can expect in the future.

Social Media is the norm of the modern world. It is what people use to keep in touch with their family and friends by sharing their news stories, pictures and videos etc. It is also the stream that is used by them to share all the things happening around the world; including news alerts, events such as musical concerts and award ceremonies, their favorite sport scores and results, job vacancies and even weddings and obituaries. These shares are further strengthened by adding pictures and videos to it; making Social Media the norm for sharing new stories in the modern world.

With this kind of a rise in Social Media, the question arises if it will someday replace the traditional media sources we use and love. The television, the radio, the newspaper (printed)  is already becoming out of date , since most people watch and read the same news stories with the help of Social Media. The rise of internet usage is another factor for this kind of a trend and also the time spent by users in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus adds to that. It is a very interesting trend. So, will it be replaced?

It Will.. but not in the Immediate Future..

Personally, that is my thought. Television, Radio and Newspapers are too hard to be replaced immediately since most people are used to it and the generations of old are still into them rather than using the internet (though one might argue that this trend is also now changing).

Also, there are countries (just like Sri Lanka) where not all the people have access to the internet. This section of people will always rely on traditional media sources for the latest news stories and updates.

Plus, there is also a tendency where people used to check their tv  or listen to their radio to verify news updates they receive or check through social media sources.


So, there is still hope for traditional media and it won’t be replaced by social media in the near future. Yet, social media is growing everyday and its popularity, easy and fast access has created a major impact on its users.

Traditional media sources will need to find ways to survive in the market and one solution for that could be integrating social media into them. Most printed newspapers are already doing it where they advertise their Twitter follow link and Facebook page link in their printed version

This is a great approach and will allow traditional media to survive in the long run and still keep social media from taking over.

All of this creates a very interesting picture and it is very interesting to see how this rivalry will go on in the future. The kings will be the users and fulfilling their needs will be the most important requirement.

The media source that does that job more efficiently will be the ultimate winner.

Do you think that Social Media will replace Traditional Media in the Future? Or do you think that Traditional Media still have a chance? Do share your thoughts and ideas through the comments section below.



2 thoughts on “Will Social Media Replace Traditional Media in the Future?

  1. i don’t wanna see Ads all over Facebook. I’m already using AdBlock plus, which removes all the ads and also improves web performance.
    අනික කලින් Facebook ඒක් වෑටුන Side Ads වල හෑටියට මට ගෙදර අය ඉස්සරහාවත් Facebook log වෙන්න හිතෙන්නෙ නෑ. අර IPO scene එක නිසා මේක ලගදිම වෙවි. ( MR වගේ එකෙක් ඉන්වෙස්ට් කෙරොත්)


    • @Sulo: Well that is the negative side. It will be information cluttered all around. The users should know what information should be taken and what should be not. ( it is like changing the channels on tv or just not reading the plus sections of a newspaper).
      Has I told in my post, ” users are the kings and queens ” and each media source needs to give out what they like rather than what they don’t like. That will be the determinant that decides which media source will survive in the long run.
      Thanks a Lot for checking out the Post and the Comment Bro ! Cheers !! 🙂


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