How Brands Can Increase the Number of Fans of their Facebook Page..

Summary: Modern day Brands are deeply focused on promoting their products and services through Social Media. This is done by increasing their presence as well as increasing the number of fans and followers in those respective social networks .This post discuss how brands who are new to the whole social media world, can increase their number of fans specially in their Facebook Page. This is done by  taking a look at the Facebook Page of Close up Sri Lanka; which has become the fast growing Facebook Brand Page ( in terms of the  number of fans) in Sri Lanka. 

Social Media Marketing is the newest tactic used by Brands all over the world to promote their product and services. Other than promotion , it also allow brands to have meaningful conversations with their customers who become part of their social network accounts by following  their Twitter Handler or Google Plus Page or by becoming fans of their Facebook Page by liking it ( which is the most popular method used by social media marketers to promote their brand).

Most Brands strive to increase the number of fans of their Facebook page and though many argue that it doesn’t show how much users are really buying or interacting with that particular brand , it does surely give that particular brand a clear edge over its competitors.

Many Sri Lankan Brands have applied the same tactic and have grown its number of fans to huge numbers.( Click here to see the Biggest Sri Lankan Brands on Facebook). Yet, there are brands that have increased their number of fans at viral numbers though it has been a short period of time since they actually joined the social network. The most noticeable one at that is the Facebook Page of CloseUp toothpaste , a product distributed by Unilever Sri Lanka.

The following statistics shows how the Brand has increased its number of fans at rapid pace. These numbers are really pretty amazing.

As it stands now , The page has 9,210 likes and there is a big chance that it will reach 10,000 fans by Wednesday , which marks 1 week since the page was officially started.

So, how has CloseUp managed to get so many fans to their Facebook page in such a little period of time ?

The CloseUp Way

When you first go to their page, you will be greeted with a Welcome (personalized to your name) and an attractive Welcome Advertisement.  It really does attract users to like the page and check what is inside.

Also, the page allows users to talk about the brand and express their opinions about the whole product.  Appropriate feedback is given to the fans with minimal delays which have led to positive engagement and great motivation to new users to like the page.

The Brand has also organized promotions and give a ways, just like other brands on Facebook which have attracted new fans and has also encourages the existing ones, to spread the word to others who has not yet visited the page.

Other than this online presence, the offline advertisements shown on TV look really cool and professional. Those advertisements also give users a liking to the product and since many of them are on Facebook, it is natural that they will look for the page on Facebook and like it. They might even like it whenever they notice it in their walls or friends pages, just to see what this product is all about an get more information on it.

All of this will give the brand an edge over its competitors and CloseUp has clearly achieved it  ; specially when it comes similar brands in Sri Lanka.

So, if you are a brand owner who is willing to increase the number of fans of your brand’s Facebook page, you can also adopt the above methods adopted by CloseUp and gain success.  Do note that that these methods are not just limited to CloseUp and these are not the only methods that can be used to increase the number of fans in your page. 

Think about your customer preferences, think creatively and find new ways where you can engage more closely with your customers. It will definitely help you to attract more fans not only to your Facebook page but to your other social network accounts as well.

Don’t be naive and just do it.  Then you will be able to create a stronger social media presence to your brand and ultimately make your social media marketing venture a success.

NOTE:  A Special Thank You goes out to Indulekha Nanayakkara for providing the Statistics on CloseUp.

Do you have any more ideas on how Brands can increase their number of Fans of their Facebook Page or any other social network ? Do share your ideas and thoughts through the comments section.

Cheers !


6 thoughts on “How Brands Can Increase the Number of Fans of their Facebook Page..

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  2. Well that “Like” begging concept is a good one too. But it can backfire too. For an example visit the page ( they started a contest to give away a galaxy tab or something else. Some contesters had more than 800 likes for their post. You know, begging techniques (නන්දේ, මමේ, අක්කේ, අය්යේ, නන්ගියෙ, මල්ලියෙ. අනේ XXXXX page එකට ගිහින් Like එකක් දාලා, මේ XXXXXXX post එකට like එකක් දාන්න. ලොකු උදව්වක්. ස්තුතිය්) It did work for few months, After the page administrators figured out that it’s a good way to collect Likes they Extended the deadline. And that’s when the Big Bang begun. Some contesters went crazy. Visit the fan page’s wall you’ll still find out the awesome post made by the top ranked contesters. The guy who was at the #1 with more than 800+ likes to his post removed his post from the page’s wall and started asking his friends to “Unlike” page. But Still the contest is on and some “Likes” are left for the page. But not the faith of the fans….


    • @Sulo: These kind of things happens when you give fake promises to get more likes. I checked out the page you have mentioned and clearly the fans seem to hate the fact that those guys have not given the promised tab to the winner. This is what you call guerrilla marketing and it is not good for the brand in the long run.

      Also, the important point that should be remembered here is that getting more likes to your FB page will not guarantee that your product and service will get more sales. In CloseUp ‘s case thought they have an edge since it is a world renowned brand. That sort of reputation helps such brands to succeed in a country like Sri Lanka , since they can show their customers that they got a good track record.

      It all matters how you carry out your online , social media marketing strategy 🙂 . If you do it well , then you are sure to succeed !

      Thanks a lot for your Comment Bro !! Cheers !!


    • As a Brand , you really need to try it otherwise your rival brands will go ahead of you by promoting their brands. This is not applicable only to Facebook . You can use other networks such as Twitter and Google Plus too . Thanks a Lot for checking out the Post and your comment 🙂 Cheers !!


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