An Act without thought

A rush of blood , into the mind and soul

A moment of madness , a thoughtless act

It all happened in a matter of minutes and seconds

and the impact seems to be forever .

What was done , was not wrong

but it was something that should have been done

As we are too busy in many other things

it was not the right time , even though it is sweet

to be like this ,

to fall in love..


ගිමන් හලේ
සිටියා  මා
සැනසුමක  සුවය සොයා
නමුත් දෛවය  කුහකයි කියා
නොසිතු මා
යළි ඔබ හමුවුනා
නැත මා සිතුවේ
පෙර කලක දසුන් මැවෙයි කියා
නමුත් ඔබ දැක මට හැගුනේ
ආදරයක් නොව
පිළිකුලක් සදා

Home of a different kind

Desperados will seek solace

from unknown sources,

being full aware , that they are doing the wrong thing.

but when emotions get high,

and the pain is too much to bare.

There is no other way , they can redeem themselves

other than finding someone , who has time to spare

and show some care,

to mend a broken heart

that lost love, trust and hope.

For them it will be home,

of a different kind.





Craving.. Satisfied..

it was evident that  what you told me was a white lie.  A lie of substance , that made me feel that you liked me for someone else, not what I am right now.  How am I to deny that I didn’t fell to this lie. It was a fetish kind of feeling , since I have been waiting to have you in my arms a life time. When you finally came , I felt I was a winner. So I didn’t mind  that it was  not real , not sincere. It was the desire to have you that made me feel that way. You took that advantage and used me.  I am ok with that as long as you gave me at least a ounce of real love; which I craved, from the day I saw you for the first time.



No , it is not a reason

to stay afloat when thoughts are filled with doubt

It is a matter of conscience coming and biting you back.

Taking away your power of clear thinking.

Close your eyes,  look deep within.

Fight for the thing, that tells that you are right.

Do the right thing.

Never forgo , the truth for nonsense.

After all, that is what we are left with.