It is a break of silence in the mind which,

Murmurs thoughts that boil over

And creates heart attacks and pains

That ends up unbearable.

It imitates actions, that is divergent to your beliefs

Yet, many believe it is the way to go ahead

As they say, conscience never lies.

Could you go against your conscience?

Could you go against your inner voice?

It will be like strangling someone

Who is ready to talk, but blocked by force.


Something you need within yourself

Something you need to develop to be listened and heard

It is something that will never let you down

When everything else, falls apart


Of heartbreaks and snowflakes

Her heart was like snow flakes

Breaking in to million pieces, yet so pure

It helps her to stand strong among adversity

Even though, trolls try to make her cry dear.

Her eyes doesn’t know how to cry out loud

But for every silent falling tear,

She remembers, that only thing she did was love purely

Only to learn, that it was all not meant to be.





Dreams.. fulfilled..

She thought she is naïve. to let herself go to his hands.  To let him take her over, and make him her whole life.  She thought she was wrong , to let him take her anywhere he wants to take her.  She was not sure about him.  but she believed in him , believing , he would cure her disbeliefs and would love her for real, without sorting any temporary , unsorted pleasures,  His hands were tight which she liked. His eyes were her stars to look upon and gaze through the night. He was everything she desired and got at a moment she never expected.  It is her chance to keep him . It is her time to be loved truly  after a chasing mirages and false beliefs.  It is her time to be loved again by the man of her dreams.

Peace of Mind..

I could use some sense

build in to my core on top , we call the brain

As it wonders out like a drunken monkey

only to fall down,  and drop me to my knees

Need to shake up the dilemma

Need to bring in some peace.

Something I would really love to have,

A calm, peace of mind.


Hurt + Change

Getting hurt is sometimes a norm .

That fires up your inner belly

to do something back

to avert revenge , to provide response .

Yet, if it is your fault, what would you do ?

what would you do to make things right?

Do you change yourself ? Or,  keep being hurt for the one you are ?

continuing to be the Saturn among the stars .

It is up to you , it is not someone else can do the change

but what if, some unknown source keeps stopping you?

Are you going to lay back and let it control you?

Or are you going to fight back?

it is up to you,  since there are many depending on you.

Make that change for the better, make that change for the good

Else, just keep getting hurt.  Nobody else can save you

Except yourself.

An Act without thought

A rush of blood , into the mind and soul

A moment of madness , a thoughtless act

It all happened in a matter of minutes and seconds

and the impact seems to be forever .

What was done , was not wrong

but it was something that should have been done

As we are too busy in many other things

it was not the right time , even though it is sweet

to be like this ,

to fall in love..


ගිමන් හලේ
සිටියා  මා
සැනසුමක  සුවය සොයා
නමුත් දෛවය  කුහකයි කියා
නොසිතු මා
යළි ඔබ හමුවුනා
නැත මා සිතුවේ
පෙර කලක දසුන් මැවෙයි කියා
නමුත් ඔබ දැක මට හැගුනේ
ආදරයක් නොව
පිළිකුලක් සදා