What it would be like..

It would be a blast . If we could run together to eternity. To find ourselves , to be together. to be the ones we always wanted to be.  Those  moments will not be forgotten, It will reside in our minds as memories, as photographs that never gets destroyed.  It would be a blast to be together again. as one , without detachment , anxiety and sorrow.


It’s been a while.. Dear Father.. It’s been a while..

It’s been a while , since you have left us

leaving memories behind,  that still remain in our hearts

it’s been a while , it is now three months.

The soul yearns ,still yearns,

for your warmth and shade.

The  aching wounds that was created when you left,

has multiplied,  with tears of blood flowing without a noise.

With all that pain, I have progressed in life

Trying to make myself a man , like you .

Yet in your shade , I am just that son

who loves you so much

and now, who misses you so much.

It’s been a while , Dear Father, It’s been a while

Time has played a trick on all of us

This time last year  you were here with us

and now you are in heaven , showering your blessings to us

I sincerely wish you are here with me now,

but I know you are there with me ,in my heart and soul

and in my dreams at night,

where we have those usual conversations we used to have .

I miss you, I love you , so damn much.

and all I wish is that  may your soul rest in peace ..

and may you never ever , lose your shine

Because you  deserve the best ,  and one of a kind..

” I Love You… “

What I want from you…

Tell me the words that I want to hear. Gulp down the insults since it would break my heart into pieces. Maybe it is because I am naïve and I hate living in the negatives, else, it is just pure fear of losing you. which I cannot afford.

You took me to places I have never been before. Showed me what it is like to be a man for a change, rather than a pessimistic, back boneless human being. With such super powers you inculcated in me , how can I be without you ? I will just be nothing without you.

I am will be among the living dead.

So think again , about me , this person yearning for your warmth for future centuries and current months and time. I won’t take any prisoners when I finally go from this world.

But, I will always take your love with me, So we can b e together until we are not born again

Act of Dare..

I could whisper into your ear  and say . The things I feel about you.  The things I want to say to you , about you. about me.  I cannot say those things out loud. since those are private. those are secrets.  which I want to share only with you. and you only.  But how can I do it when you are so far away from me.? . even though you are near.  The yearnings that resonate in my body cannot take this anymore. There is something that blocks me in doing what I want to do. some disturbance. It could be doubt, it could be anxiety. shyness or unwillingness to take a risk. Yet , the mind wants to do it.  and I know I will do it someday. To tell you really, how I feel and think about you.